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We started in 2004 with the goal to breed for the all round collie. The plan was to avoid focus on only one thing like only conformation show winning, or only eye results, or only one health issue, or only one activity to show.
We did this by putting 100% of our time into learning and doing everything we could to help the collie breed and we are proud to say we think we have succeeded ! 
(No dog is perfect but we have succeeded in getting to the edge of our dreams, we keep making more dreams)

We have wonderful collies that prove they are bred well for conformation, health, and personality. We never have focused on only one thing and the proof is in our collies and history. my husband, shawn, is good showing at all the activites we studied, and I did not go to another job or career while raising litters and the study for breeding decisions. We put our all into our love for collies.
(there is always more to learn and we still don’t know it all)

We gave each and every one of our collies that we have owned, lots of personal love, attention, and activites.

 when collies went on to make room for us to keep another pup , we could breed again to better our breeding plans, they went to wonderful forever human mommy’s and daddy’s.
As you see in this website they are still in touch and happy.

We also prove our breeding quality by the news of how well our lines qualify for healthy activities, different kinds of titles, shows, and successes with other breeding lines and in their new homes.

Since we have finished our tough goals we do not have plans to part with Many more adults toward a project as we had done in the past.
(It was a tough love to let adult collies go even though they went to fantastic homes. We don’t want to ever feel that again)
 we might breed a litter now and again to see puppies have careers and make families happy , but we only have a very few collies here FOR A PEACEFUL HOUSEHOLD with us now, as our ‘kids’, to live out their lives.

So please get on our list for news or puppies ! We love to help.
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We can try to help you find collie pups.. Contact email: honeytreecollie@yahoo.com

Please feel free to ask questions !

Proud members of : American Working Collie Association, Texas Collie Rescue, Collie Health Foundation, Dog Gene Database, OFA database, have been active off and on and love herding training, events, conformation, agility,obedience, trick training, AND THE HOLLYWOOD BIG SCREEN MOVIE SCENE.

We have had our own Conformation Champion. Honey Tree Delectable Dawn and many of our collies are successful at agility, therapy, CGC titles, and obedience.