Honeytree Collies Of Texas

by Shawn & Debra Amszi

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How it happened


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Our collies and us had the chance to be a part of a Hollywood short film. We grabbed that experience with all our excitement.

They found us through someone I met in my horse world that knew I had collies.  It turned out her cousin was a well known actor and director from Hollywood. Her cousin, Marshall Allman asked her if she knew anyone with collies.

After phone calls and emails from the director, producer, and crew, we all met at a big old Texas ranch to film.

Shawn, our collies, and I arrived early in the morning to begin many hours of the thrill of watching artists at work.  It was an upbeat and friendly mood with giggly excitement showing in the behavior and voices of actor/director Marshall Allman and every other person around. Every person had a job or connection that bonded everyone together. It was an extra friendly group and so fun that we could have worked with them forever.

The collies were ecstatic with energy and it was clear they knew it was a special time for them also. Everyone played with the collies and the fun never stopped.

Jurassic, Rolex, Rose, and Anthem all played the part of one collie named, Cassie.  

The cutest little boy actor had many parts to play with our collies too. Even when the scenes seemed perfect and finished it was interesting that the director wanted the scenes replayed over and over with many filmed copies of every time. So that is one reason the actual film seems to only have a very few quick scenes of the collies.

Jurassic is our white collie that did not play the visual part of the sable colored, Cassie.  Jurassic did somehow turned out to be all the sounds for the whole movie. Since the collie parts were filmed outdoors they needed to record sounds in a quiet place good for sounds that turned out to be inside our jeep. Jurassic loved people talking to him through the windows while the sound man recorded his playing barks, water drinking, and cooing sounds.

Rolex seems to have the longest part in the final movie because his cute pretty face and expressions worked out great under the credits as they slowly roll by. I believe it is Rolex that ended up getting in the movie with his run across a field even though they all got a time filmed for that scene.

Anthem acted many parts but the final movie shows him best out in the woods running through a stream.

Rose has a good part showing her barking. Even if it might be the sound of Jurassic, you can see her mouth talking and barking for the camera.

Shawn and I are listed in the credits as owners and trainers. We were the ones that directed the dogs according the what Marshall wanted for each scene. There were many scenes filmed that were not in the movie so it did have a lot of time and action involved.

Well known actor Mark Kelly and actress Jamie Allman are the stars of the movie also filmed in an old museum house in Texas. As they act and relate they have an old tv in the background with a “Cassie” black and white episode playing loudly in many of the scenes. We are proud that our collies are in all those black and white scenes.

Marshall Allman said he had these “handsome collies” selected for his movie!

Directed By:  Marshall Allman

This is part of a series called  Marriage. (In Short)

Starring: Jamie Anne Allman Mark Kelly

Written By   Marshall Allman

Produced By

Marshall Allman

Christian D. Sosa

Richard C. Jones

Ben Oliver

Plot Outline

Frustrated, angry and infertile, Stanley and Elvira will try anything to pull their relationship out of the dog house.

It is a short film by Marshall Allman shown mostly at film festivals and showing at theaters all over the country

Marshall Allman  Actor most known for roles on True Blood, Prison Break and currently season 2 of Humans on AMC.  The short film series, Marriage. (In Short) is Marshall's foray into writing & directing. Created on Oct 02, 2016

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