Honeytree Collies Of Texas

by Shawn & Debra Amszi

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Hi Debra,

Our boys Mack and Angus continue to be wonderful collies, and we absolutely love them.  I thought I’d send along a couple of pics from last week, as well as one that I took at your place when they were very small puppies that illustrate the distance they’ve come.  Feel free to use them on your site if you so desire.

Warm regards,

John & Sarah.

BTW – I asked you about their experience with stairs.  Both Angus & Mack are comfortable going down & up the stairs on our deck.  They love it!



Just a note to let you know that everything went well on the way and since we’ve gotten Mack & Angus home.  The only thing was that Angus threw up just as we were coming into our driveway, but he’s been fine since.  Once they got settled down, we had a HUGE chase-fest in the yard, which they loved!  They’ve both went to the bathroom outside, and are now crashed in their crate.  The transition has been absolutely transparent with them, and they’re very happy.  No separation anxiety at all!  Meeting and bonding with them early was the best way to go.  Our cats seem to be fine with them as well!

We love them, and are looking forward to many years with them.

You guys did a GREAT job with them, and we’re grateful to have to worked with you as a breeder.



Mack and Angus are by Jurassic and Wrapsody