Honeytree Collies Of Texas

by Shawn & Debra Amszi

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HONEY TREE COLLIES  Limited Registration Agreement     at time of pickup 

Cash only Debra cell:512-619-8000 Shawn cell:512-619-6488  Email: debra.amszi@gmail.com

This contract is between  Debra Amszi of Honey Tree Collies, hereinafter referred to as Breeder &  Name of Adopter(s)_________________________________________________________,

hereinafter referred to as adopter(s)

Address of adopter(s)___________________________________________________________

City __________________________________________________State:_____Zip_____


E-Mail of adopter(s)__________________________________

To be completed by breeder:

Collie description: _ ________________________________                    name ________

Reg. Number:_________________ Date of Birth: _____________________ Breed: Rough Collie

Dam (Female) Name: ___________________________ Dam (Female) Reg. Number: _________

Sire (Male) Name: ______________________________ (Male) Reg. Number: ___________     

1.Adopter(s) agrees: to pay breeder fee of $_________ LImited registration. New Owner is to pay full balance agreed & all shipping costs before pup can be delivered or picked up. No delay past agreed pickup day or pup can be sold to others or boarding fees.We welcome visits.

2.Breeder strongly recommends that the collie be microchipped, training classes and indoors with owners. 

3.Once pup is in possession of adopter: adopter is to have pup examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours to receive a full refund of purchase price.  adopter is responsible for all vet costs and exams and all shipping and return shipping expenses and fees if the pup is returned for replacement or any agreed guaranteed approved refund or free extra puppy.

4.The adopter(s) agrees to try and email photos and health information of collie to us so we can see how the puppy grows up so we can continue to make the best breeding decisions. The adopter is encouraged to contact the breeder with all questions. The adopter agrees to try and keep the breeder informed of any treatment as it occurs. This provides the Breeder  with  important feedback and on the health or our dogs for future generations.

5.The adopter agrees if at any time the adopter can no longer retain possession of this dog, the Breeder is  to be notified and given first option of resuming full ownership of dog in order to keep or locate this dog a new home.  Under no circumstances will this dog be sold, leased, traded or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter, rescue or similar facility. Adopter is to understand breeder is responsible for the end placement of any pups the breeder adopts out . We do offer a buy back program depending on the our market.

6. It is understood at this time that this is at least a pet quality dog & it is representative of its breed. It is structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion and/or obedience dog.  No collie we adopt out is guaranteed to be able to show or produce successfully. This is a risk for the adopter. Limited pet registration can be shown in all dog events except conformation or breeding rights. AKC will not allow this collie to have AKC registered puppies. There is a 5 year  guarantee for a replacement pup in case of genetic disease. Breeder does not pay others vet bills so contact us right away. Breeder pays own vet only when back in breeders possession. If it is apparent to breeder or 3 vet reports that the collie has costly health problems due to heredity then the afflicted dog does not have to be returned to obtain the free healthy pup but only when or if breeder is still breeding and only if the breeder agrees is available as free. Other agreements can be made to wait till future litters if possible. Shipping/delivery costs for replacement of/with free pup is the responsibility of the new collie owner.
The preceding paragraphs contain conditi

                                                                  ons established to ensure the well

being of the dog, but also to uphold and maintain the reputation of quality that Honey Tree Collies has established over the years.


Breeder:_________________________                             Adopter:________________________

For new clients the prices start at $1500 for a healthy pet  companion quality puppy or adult. The better the conformation for high activity like agility, working, or conformation will go up from there. Each puppy is evaluated different. We dont have pups very often so a lot of time and consideration is involved with a litter project. Please get on the notify list for any news of anything coming available and please feel free to talk, visit, and ask questions. I love to meet you.