Honeytree Collies Of Texas

by Shawn & Debra Amszi

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Hi Debra!!!!


I (We) love our collie so much.  Nala is gorgeous and full of spunk.  She is exactly what I was looking for in a collie.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found you and to have her.  I love her coloring, sort of a lighter color around her face and she exudes health.  You see it in her clear eyes.


About Nala- she LOVES everyone.  That means all people and all dogs.  She loves toys and loves to work the squeakers in them.  She loves her morning walks and I let her off where she can run and play.  She loves to play with another puppy in the neighborhood so we meet with that couple at a park most evenings.  I have signed her up for classes at What a Great Dog and I hope to follow up the manners classes with agility classes.  She is very fast and agile.


She enjoys lying next to me on my bed if I take a nap during the day, but she won’t get on our bed at night though she does sleep on the floor on a blanket in our room.  She already makes an excellent watch dog.  There were some yard men in the back yard last week and she barked deeply at them with her paws on the window seal.  I’m happy about that.  She loves to play soccer with my boys and will take the ball, push it around and block them.  She loves to play keep away with everyone and will bring you a toy so you can throw it.  She will bring it back and push it in your hand so you can throw it again. 


She also loves to watch birds!  This is the cutest thing.  In the morning now that the weather has gotten cooler I leave the patio back door open and she sit on the patio and just look around and watch all the birds.  It is really precious and shows how alert and intelligent she is.  I notice her doing things that I have never seen a dog do before- like occasionally watch what is going on on television.  She once alerted me to a baby snake that was on our kitchen floor… she wasn’t going to stop barking at me until I got up to see what was going onJ I think she is also very independent.  She doesn’t mind going in her crate when I leave for an errand and she even went in her crate to nap on Saturday- it’s like you said about female dogs, she knows I am coming back and doesn’t ever seem to panic.  There was a large storm and she wasn’t afraid of the thunder, one time she actually wanted to go outside to see what the noise was but she wasn’t afraid.  She is not a real big snuggler.  We get her to sit with us on the couch a bit but she usually would rather jump down and lay on the floor.  Overall, I would say she is very loving but also very independent.  She does enjoy playing games with our older poodle and they do get a long fairly well now (he was a little jealous at the start).


I will keep you posted but I am so delighted with her- she is so beautiful and really exactly what I was looking for!


Thank you!


Sure!  I’m so happy with herJ

Also, you guys made it very easy to house train her.  Every time we put her in the grass she knew it was time to potty.

She was very easy to housetrainJ