Honeytree Collies Of Texas

by Shawn & Debra Amszi

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Olive, Pearl, and Chuck

    Honeytree Olive Blue

Olive is by Tango x Cashmere

Honeytree Pearl of My Dreams

Pearl has her Rally Novice Title !

Pearl earned her CGC today at only 8 months old. She is amazing, soooo smart! I am attaching her Novice Rally Title she earned at the Houston Show.

So, 2 of your 3 collies have earned their CGC's, Rally Novice Titles and 1 is a outstanding therapy dog. You must be doing something right!! 

Chuck graduated from Puppy Kindergarten part 2, best in the class!  He is turned into quite the looker too! 

Darlene,Olive, Pearl and Chuck Chuck is having his 1 yr birthday in February. He's strong, handsome and still my baby. He's coming along nicely in his obedience training. I let him jump up on me, which I NEVER let the

Pearl or Olive do. He is spoiled and will run to sit in my lap when Pearl chases him. I probably baby him too much, but I will push him in his training when I feel he is ready.

They all 3 moan and all 3 like to sleep on their backs. Im grateful for everyday with them.

Thank you for my collies!

Send pics and any additional info if you have it.