Honeytree Collies Of Texas

by Shawn & Debra Amszi

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Ripley's Birthday

Ripley is by Jurassic and Goodvibe

...can't believe she's a year old today!! Thank you so much for her- we love her soooo much.


Pearl lives with he family that also has Chuck and Olive

Pearl has good hips, eyes...

feb 2011-Debra, just wanted to give you an...

Bethany King x Honey

july 2012- Hi Debra,

Thanks for letting us know.  I will talk to Scott about this.

Bethany continues to be a beautiful,...

Miss Heidi Delusion x Pepper

Hello, Just wanted to send a picture of my sweet little lady, Miss Heidi. I bought her from C... who bred hers with blue delusion. Heidi has been a wonderful...

Hank Gadfly x Van-M That's A Wrap

Hank is by GadflyxWrap

dec 2012-Hank is the best dog in the whole world. He thinks he is a person except when he is with Sophie and Luke,...

Winston TangoxWindy


I have been meaning to write you for over a year and share with you

pictures and the progress of the Collie...